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  • Little Tokyo Arts Complex 262 South Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA, 90012 United States (map)



After a successful run with our first experiment merging live performance and installation art, the Future Tongue Gallery has been offered an extension! So we will let our purple and golden lights continue to glow amongst the harsh downtown skyline for a little while longer.


The gallery will be open by appointment only outside of event dates.


ABOUT WATER + SANCTUARY /// June 30, 6 - 9 PM

Photography by Jen Fedrizzi and Jasmine Amara

For more information about this event,

see the About Water exhibition page.



SANCTUARY Closing Reception /// July 1, 7 - 11 PM

Featuring music by jackbenny


Sanctuary is a multimedia, installation-based show featuring visual art by Monica Canilao, Nick Brown, Double Diamond Sun Body, Britt Harrison, B. Justine Jaime, Erik Flores, Frohawk Two Feathers and Kim Kei. In the wake of the 2016 election, we find ourselves in a deeply divided country. Sanctuary was created to question those divisions. What does a sanctuary look like? Can we find sanctuary in our ever-changing culture or should we flock to the temples of our past?

To approach these concepts we took over a bare bones gallery resting in an old industrial building on the edge of Little Tokyo and Skid Row. Inspired by the concept of creating a living representation of one's own personal or cultural sanctuary, we subdivided the open gallery space into four partial enclosures. Then handed over the keys to four artists. The results have been nothing short of magical.

So please join us for our final closing party on July 1, featuring music by jackbenny. Tickets to the event are $7. Fee goes to the band and the artists behind the making of Sanctuary.

Space is limited. Reserve your tickets here.


Sanctuary is a place where everyone is welcome. 

We'd like to share this space with you.


The gallery will be open until July 1, 2017 by appointment only. So just give us a heads up on when you want to come explore. Other special events are in the works, see our exhibitions page for details.



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S A N C T U A R Y  Price List



Hopefully, you were able to make it out to our previous events, but if not, here are some highlights!


Kim Newmoney, Self-Portrait

Kim Newmoney, Self-Portrait


During our opening reception, Los Angeles-based commercial photographer Kim Newmoney set up a studio in the gallery to create unique portraits of our guests. The results are absolutely stunning. Here are just a few of our favorites.  



Photos by Kim Newmoney Photography

These photos and more are available for download. Please credit Kim Newmoney Photography.

Click here! 

Gallery Password: peace

Download PIN: 9061

During the first two weeks of the show, Sanctuary became the living environment for four live performances, each of which evolved into underlining narratives that initially spawned off of our original concept, sanctuary. This created an immersive theater experience that filled the gallery with ghost-like characters that reflected and reacted to the visual installations and wandered amongst our guests. Movement and poetry connected the pieces, creating a visceral bond between the audience and the art.

Each performance was born from the concepts that the visual artists were creating work around resulting in all of the artists creating and influencing each other's final display. The gallery was filled with a soundscape that embodied the essence of each theme in our four installations. The Sanctuary performance was created in collaboration with New Guard Theater Company. The four beautiful minds behind it's existence were Tess Hewlett - choreographer, Nick Thurston - performer and producer, Lindsey Garrett - performer, Jeremy Radin - Poet.

The actual performance will only exist in that time in space of the Sanctuary, but here are a few glimpses. 




Later Event: June 30