Future Talks : Pussy Power

  • FT Backyard Fun Times 1639 North Benton Way Los Angeles, CA, 90026 United States




Pussy Power: A Feminist Approach to Sex will tackle your deepest, darkest questions when it comes to sex! Some of the subjects we plan to cover include consent culture, releasing sexual shame, and how to be an ethical slut. Comment below & let us know if there are any other topics you'd like to explore during this talk.

This talk will be led by Danielle Dorsey, a pansexual, kink-positive, ethically non-monogamous LA-based writer. She is a regular blogger for Chakrubs, the first crystal sex toy company and a delightful contributing writer to Future Tongue.

Future Talks is our monthly discussion based gathering in a cozy backyard in Silverlake. Our topics range from social issues, politics, to lifestyle as we reflect the concerns that ripple through our society. While maintaining an inclusive intersectional feminist framework, we are creating a space to share how these issues affect you personally and your creative endeavors.

Danielle is graciously providing mimosa popsicles in the sun and stimulating conversation. What more can you ask for on Sunday Funday?

This Sunday Brunch is a potluck so bring your champagne or your mama's famous egg casserole, and of course, some pussy power.