Future Tongue is a platform for artists seeking to engage and connect within an active creative community. As artists, we are practitioners of expression and our choice to create is a process that breathes and grows in alliance with our lifestyle. We think of language as an integral part of what brings a community together.  Future Tongue aspires to work as an open door for communication between a multitude of thinkers, makers and doers.

 Painting, photography, and film are all housed under our definition of art. Regardless of the discipline, the path to becoming an established artist can be alienating, financially taxing, and emotionally frustrating. But those whose passions outweigh the obstacles definitely have an inspiring story to share, brimming with essential life lessons.

 We are interested in sharing that story. We are curious about what drives an artist and the techniques they've developed in their practice, both in and out of the studio. We're curious about how artists logistically make their passion work, in every stage of their career. We are not critics, but do believe in engaging in a constructive critique.

Most importantly, Future Tongue is a collective; it ingests all beings that wish to be a part of it. We’re hoping this site injects much needed encouragement to struggling artists. Fortunately, we get to nerd out with the creative and talented people that make up our contemporary art culture along the way.